Dear hunting friends!

Slovakia is a small country located in the heart of Europe and inside it's small borders lie incredible bounties of nature, large green areas and an array of activities to relax and have fun with. Thanks to its rich fauna and accessible terrain it is a natural wonder of more than 4 million hectares. A real hunting paradise!

Historically, only available to local Nobles and Kings, the hunting tradition still exists today although it is no longer just a privilege enjoyed by such Royalty. Associated rituals and ceremonies have been preserved. The hunt was, and is, a place to meet friends or to make new hunting friendships. Slovak hospitality guarantees great fun, excellent food and fabulous drinks'. Moreover, it is
a great adventure offering hunters the opportunity to harvest some exceptional trophies too. Why not come and experience comfortable and pleasant surroundings in which to hunt, relax and enjoy an outstanding memorable experience.

If you prefer to watch and photograph nature in its natural and native environment or just to enjoy the hundreds of historical and interesting places that Slovakia has to offer, we can provide you with the perfect excursions giving you an ideal opportunity to record some of the best that Slovakia has to offer.


Waiting to be experienced!





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